About Campus

Bir Bahdur PaudelAlthough it has come into existence recently, the Central Campus of Management of Mid-Western University offers a dynamic, modern and forward looking environment. Regardless of whether students intend to study at undergraduate or graduate level, the Campus strives to create an intellectually challenging and stimulating atmosphere at all level, in a highly competitive setting.

The Central Campus of Management is committed to foster leadership with a deep understanding of business. With a constant focus on the changing employment world, the academic Programs of the Campus try to blend theoretical foundations of management with the practical requirements of the real job market. The Campus seeks to understand nature and directions of global change and provide solutions following an interdisciplinary approach based on teaching, scholarship and research.

The Campus aims at preparing business leaders and expert managers who will be in positions of leadership in industries and governments at national, regional and global level. It strives to become the gateway to success, foster academic excellence and spearhead the development of Management Education in Nepal, and elsewhere, by administering graduate and undergraduate programs in Management and Business Administration Studies that are designed to meet the needs of Nepal’s economy and of its business managers.

With a steady focus on business management, the Institute blends theoretical models with best practices, case studies and fieldwork. The Campus strongly encourages, among the students, intellectual curiosity and opens mind towards new adventures, novelty and thinking outside the box, talent for collaboration and teamwork. These intellectual abilities and collaborative mind-set are in fact highly appreciated by corporate recruiters.

Consistent with this vision, the Campus seeks to provide innovative learning subjects and ensures that students come in contact with cutting-edge topics of the discipline at an international level. All subjects are delivered with a unique combination of practical knowledge and transferable skills, which are essential for teamwork, communication and leadership in building students’ career.

The Campus  fosters research activities which tackle the questions of current management studies, and focuses on innovation and intellectual challenges in the contemporary fields of economics, management theory, quantitative methods, finance, and so on.

It also puts strong efforts in promoting international cooperation and research on relevant practical business subjects with international and well reputed universities.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The Vision of the Central Campus of Management is to become a leading Management and Business School, committed to the highest standards of learning and teaching, to prepare the youth for tackling in a creative and productive way with the growing challenges of the business world, both locally and internationally.

It strongly promotes scholarship and research, and integration of theory and practice through close collaboration with private and public sectors and the wider society.


The Central Campus of Management aims to create legacy, enhance knowledge and understanding of business studies, improve the practice and profession of management by producing market and service-oriented graduates, link the University system with the community services.

The Central Campus aspires to prepare students for professional pursuits in business, industry, and government, who are able to efficiently cope with the challenges of the emerging business professions and equip them with proven business skills and be able to play an active role in national and international leading business organizations.


  • Training young professionals and practicing managers for professional pursuits in business, industry, and government, as well as for leading and managing crucial functions in the society;
  • Preparing socially responsible and creative entrepreneurs able to handle business in a dynamic global environment and promoting industry and business for the socio-economic development of the country;
  • Providing innovative, practice oriented and industry relevant management programs, which cater to the needs of various social and economic sectors, and promote advanced management knowledge;
  • Offering foundation graduate and undergraduate programs that blend advanced management and business knowledge with sharp research skills;
  • Conducting research in the management field for enhancing knowledge and competencies of practicing managers;
  • Establishing cooperation and partnership with leading universities and management institutes overseas for conducting joint academic programs and research activities.

Academic Programs

The School offers both of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for both fresh and post experience students to prepare and develop them for managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial careers and for research, analytical and academic professions as below:

S.No Name of course Level
1 Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Undergraduate Fee Structure
2 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Fee Structure
3 Masters of Business Studies (MBS) Graduate Fee Structure
4 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Fee Structure